Hypromellose HPMC and Methyl Cellulose MC are one of the best solutions for improving the quality of meat and meat substitute products because of its unique natural function as an emulsifier, binder and thermal gelling agent. Derived from refined cotton, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC/MC is an excellent egg substitute for plant-based products, providing a real meat-like strong bite, chewiness and juiciness when eaten.

MC/HPMC has thermally reversible gel properties. MC/HPMC must be dissolved in cold water or normal temperature water. When the aqueous solution is heated, the viscosity will continue to decrease, and gelation will occur when it reaches a certain temperature. At this time, MC/HPMC  The transparent solution of MC/HPMC began to become opaque, and the apparent viscosity increased rapidly. This temperature is called the thermogel initiation temperature. As the gel cools, the apparent viscosity decreases rapidly. Finally, the viscosity curve during cooling is consistent with the initial heating viscosity curve, the gel is transformed into a solution, the solution is heated and transformed into a gel, and the process of changing back to a solution after cooling is reversible and repeatable. The thermal gel initiation temperature of HPMC is higher than that of MC, and the gel strength is lower.

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Viscosity: Medium

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Viscosity: High

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Advantages of HPMC/MC In Meat Product

  • Maintains shape and moisture loss during thermal processing, replacing part of the protein

  • Improves lubricating mouthfeel and delays hydration time

  • Excellent cooking stability to maintain the viscosity stability of food during processing or use.

  • The best emulsification performance prevents the oil and water from separating during the refrigeration process of the food.

  • Due to its excellent thermal gel properties, it can improve the thermal adhesion performance of the product under heating.

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