It is a water-soluble polymer that is derived from natural cellulose, and it is known for its thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing properties.

MHEC is added to detergents and cleaning products to improve their texture and consistency, making them easier to use and more effective at cleaning. It can also help to enhance the performance of detergents by improving their ability to dissolve in water and by preventing them from separating or settling over time.

In addition, MHEC can act as a binder, which helps to hold the other ingredients in the detergent or cleaning product together. This can improve the overall stability of the product and prevent it from breaking down or losing its effectiveness.

Types of MHEC for Detergent

Types of MHEC for Detergent

How To Use MHEC for Detergent?

How To Use MHEC for Detergent?

Here are the general steps for using MHEC in detergent production:


Determine the appropriate dosage: The dosage of MHEC to be used will depend on the specific application and the properties of the detergent. The manufacturer's instructions and technical data sheets should be consulted to determine the appropriate dosage.


Pre-mix the MHEC: MHEC should be added to water and pre-mixed prior to adding it to the other detergent ingredients. The water should be clean and free from any contaminants.


Add the MHEC mixture to the detergent: The pre-mixed MHEC should be added to the detergent slowly and mixed thoroughly until a homogenous mixture is achieved. The mixing process should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Allow the mixture to stand: The mixture should be allowed to stand for a period of time to allow the MHEC to hydrate and activate. The duration of the standing time will depend on the specific application and the properties of the detergent.


Package and label the detergent: The detergent should be packaged and labeled according to the manufacturer's instructions and any applicable regulations.

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