Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is one of the most common means of modern makeup. It uses plant (such as oil pear, nail grass, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.) or chemical pigments to dye the hair color into the desired color. It is one of the most common services in modern barbershops.

There are two main purposes of Hair coloring: one is to dye black to cover up white hair; the other is for fashion, changing the color of hair according to the mood, and matching clothes and makeup to fully show one's personality. Hair dyeing has become a fashion, young people can change the color of black hair according to their mood, and match their clothes and makeup to fully show their individuality; while middle-aged people have to dye black frequently due to the continuous growth of white hair. Hair coloring is divided into botanical and chemical properties. The characteristic of the plant is that it does not harm the body, but the disadvantage is that the color is single. Chemical hair dyes are very polluting and damage the blood system. Plant hair dyeing has been gradually accepted by people, and there are more and more organizations promoting plant hair dyeing and researching plant dyeing.

Chemical hair coloring alters the hair's own structure and the processes that erode the scalp, and ammonia corrodes and damages the hair follicles. Plant hair dyeing is a physical process where nourishing elements adhere to the hair and scalp like a film, nourishing and pampering the hair and nourishing the hair follicles. Just like a cut apple will have an oxide film covered on it, plant hair dyeing uses a physical oxidation process to make nourishing ingredients adhere to the hair and scalp.

KimaCell cellulose ethers are widely used as thickeners, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers and dispersants in Hair coloring products. KimaCell cellulose ethers have pseudoplastic and shear thinning properties. Hair coloring products can be formulated with KimaCell cellulose ethers to not only provide thickening benefits to the product, but also improve solution stability.

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