Mascara is a cosmetic applied to the eyelashes for the purpose of thickening, lengthening, curling and deepening the color of the eyelashes. It usually consists of a brush and a tube that contains the color for smearing and can accommodate the brush. The brush itself has a curved type and an upright type. The texture of mascara can be divided into creamy paste and powdery paste.

The initial requirement for mascara is coloring. The creamy paste has good coloring and quick effect, but it is easy to dizzy makeup. With the increasing demand for beauty effects in beauty makeup, silty pastes have appeared. Compared with lotions, silty pastes are "dry" and need to be brushed several times. The powdery paste is even and natural, not smudged, finely crafted, graceful and generous, but the relative price is relatively high.

Mascara should be safe, harmless and non-irritating to the eyes. If it falls into the eyes accidentally, there should be no stinging; Mascara should have a moderate luster. The beauty effect of the mascara is even and delicate, the viscosity is moderate, it is easy to brush, the adhesion is even, the eyelashes will not harden or agglomerate after use; the mascara will not stick to the eyelids after drying, and it is not afraid of sweat, tears and rain, wet.

KimaCell cellulose ethers are widely used as thickeners, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers and dispersants in Mascara products. KimaCell cellulose ethers have pseudoplastic and shear thinning properties. Mascara products can be formulated with KimaCell cellulose ethers to not only provide thickening benefits to the product, but also improve solution stability.

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