RDP 212

RDP 212

KimaCell® RDP 212 Redispersible Polymer Powder products are water-soluble redispersible powders, which are divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, vinyl acetate/ethylene tertiary carbonate copolymers, acrylic acid copolymers, etc., and the powders made after spray drying are bonded agent, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. Due to the high bonding ability and unique properties of redispersible emulsion powder, such as: water resistance, construction and heat insulation, etc., their The scope of application is extremely wide. Re-dispersible polymer powder is an indispensable functional additive for mixed mortar, which can improve the performance of mortar and mortar to increase strength, improve the bonding strength of mortar and various substrates, and improve mortar performance and compressive strength. Flexibility and deformability, bending strength, wear resistance, toughness, adhesiveness and water holding capacity, processability.

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RDP 212

Specification of RDP 212

Chemical name

Redispersible Polymer Powder


RPP, polymer powder, polymer additive, RDP, Redispersible Emulsion Powder; Re-dispersible Latex Powder

CAS number




Product Grade

RDP 212


Water Soluble emulsion powder

Stabilizing Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol

Additive agent Mineral

Anti-block agent

Product Technical Data

Product Technical Data


Unit Value

Solids content


Ash content (1000℃)


Bulk density g/l


Average particle size

μm 80~100

PH value



approx ℃ 0

Tg (℃)

approx ℃ +10

HS Code


Application of RDP 212

KimaCell® RDP 212 Redispersible polymer powder have a good impermeability, water retention, frost resistance, and high bonding strength, which can increase drymix mortar's bending tensile strength, abrasion resistance and compressive strength.

Self-leveling mortar, floor material re-dispersed polymer powder, high strength, good cohesion/adhesion, requires flexibility. It can improve the adhesion, abrasion resistance and water retention of the material. It can bring excellent rheology, workability and best self-slip performance to ground self-leveling mortar and leveling mortar.

Tile adhesives, tile grouts are redispersible polymer powders with good adhesion, good water retention, long open time, flexibility, sag resistance, and good freeze-thaw cycle resistance. It can be a thin layer of tile adhesive, tile adhesive and rice grains to bring high adhesion, high resistance to sliding and good construction workability.

Waterproof concrete mortar redispersible polymer powder enhances the strength of the bonding material to all different substrates, reduces the dynamic modulus of elasticity of the enterprise, increases water retention, and reduces water penetration. It is highly flexible, high weather resistance and high waterproof technical requirements. Products that provide a water-repellent and water-resistant functional seal for system construction with long-lasting effects.

The external wall thermal insulation mortar can redisperse polymer powder in the external wall thermal insulation system, enhance the cohesion of the mortar and the binding force to the thermal insulation board, and reduce energy consumption while seeking thermal insulation for you. The external wall thermal insulation mortar product achieves the necessary work on the external wall , flexural strength and flexibility, can make your mortar products have good bonding performance with a series of insulation materials and base layers, and at the same time, it also helps to improve high impact resistance and surface crack resistance.

Redispersible latex powder for mortar on the interface can be mainly used for data processing and the surface of concrete, aerated concrete, lime-sand brick and fly ash brick, etc., to solve the problem of interface design caused by the excessive water absorption or smoothness of the surface of these materials. It is not easy to bond, the plaster layer is hollow, cracked, peeled off and other problems. Make the bonding strength stronger, not easy to fall off and water-resistant, and the freeze-thaw resistance is more excellent, which has a significant effect on simple operation methods and convenient construction management.

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RDP 212