HEC DR100000

HEC DR100000

KimaCell® HEC DR100000 Hydroxyethyl cellulose has good thickening effect, strong and stable sand suspension ability, heat resistance, high salt capacity, small pipeline resistance, less liquid loss, fast gel breaking and low residue. It is a kind of better oilfield chemical, and it was widely used in oil drilling, well completion, cementing and other oil production operations in foreign countries in the 1960s.

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HEC DR100000

Specification of HEC DR100000

Chemical name

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose


2-Hydroxy ethyl cellulose; Cellulose hydroxyethyl ether, Cellulose ether, HydroxyethylCellulose

CAS number




Product Grade

HEC DR100000


Water Soluble Cellulose ether

Physical form

White to off-white cellulose powder


5.0 – 8.0

Degree of substitution

1.8 - 2.5

Viscosity Brookfield, 1% solution

4000-6000 mPa.s

Viscosity NDJ 2% Solution

80000-120000 mPa.s



Ash content


HS code


Application of HEC DR100000

KimaCell® HEC DR100000 Hydroxyethyl cellulose ether is used as a fluid loss control agent in oilfield applications. After adding HEC, the apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity and yield point of the solution are significantly improved, and its rheological properties are similar to those before adding HEC, and there is no damage to the original fluid; at the same time, after adding HEC, the solution is at 1, 3, 7.5, The fluid loss (FL) at 30 min decreased significantly, and the fluid loss control performance improved significantly. As an oil displacement agent for oilfields, HEC has the advantages of strong shear resistance, abundant raw materials and less environmental pollution.

HEC products have been used in oil field fracturing, drilling, well completion, cementing and other treatment processes, and the results show that they have good effects on the stability of suspended sand and the reduction of fluid loss.

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HEC DR100000