Pharma Excipients

Cellulose Ether in Pharma Excipients

Pharma Excipients

Hypromellose HPMC, low-viscosity type can be used as binder and tablet coating agent; Medium-viscosity type can be used as suspension stabilizer; high-viscosity type can be used in slow-release preparations to adjust the dissolution curve. On the basis of controlling the viscosity of HPMC, the pharma excipient HPMC supplier further controls the degree of substitution and particle size, and can provide HPMC for the preparation of sustained and controlled release dosage forms by direct compression, providing more selectivity for the preparation production process.

Application of Hypromellose HPMC ( 9004 65 3 ) in pharmaceutical excipient

  • Used as film coating material and film-forming material

  • Used as a binder and disintegrant

  • Used as suspending agent

  • Used as blocker, slow and controlled release agent and pore-forming agent

  • Used as Protective glue for thickener and colloid

  • Used as capsule material

  • Used as bioadhesive

  • Used as topical gel

  • Used as Precipitation inhibitor for emulsification system

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