It is a water-soluble polymer that is derived from natural cellulose by chemical modification.

Toothpaste grade CMC is highly efficient in controlling the rheology and flow properties of toothpaste, and it can also improve the stability and shelf-life of the product. It can prevent the separation of the toothpaste components, keep the toothpaste from drying out, and make it easier to extrude from the tube.

In addition, toothpaste grade CMC can enhance the cleaning and polishing performance of toothpaste by promoting the even distribution of the abrasive particles, reducing the abrasive wear on the enamel, and improving the foam stability.

Types of Toothpaste Grade CMC

Types of Toothpaste Grade CMC

How To Use Toothpaste Grade CMC?

How To Use Toothpaste Grade CMC?

Here are some general guidelines on how to use toothpaste grade CMC:


Dissolve the CMC: Toothpaste grade CMC is typically supplied as a powder, and it must be dissolved in water before it can be added to the toothpaste formulation. The recommended concentration of toothpaste grade CMC is usually between 0.1-1% by weight, depending on the desired viscosity and flow properties.


Mix the CMC solution with other ingredients: Once the toothpaste grade CMC is dissolved in water, it can be added to the other ingredients in the toothpaste formulation, such as abrasive particles, fluoride, and flavors. The mixture is typically stirred or mixed under vacuum to ensure that all the ingredients are evenly distributed.


Adjust the pH: Toothpaste grade CMC works best at a pH between 6.5-8.5, so the pH of the toothpaste formulation may need to be adjusted accordingly.


Homogenize the mixture: After all the ingredients have been added, the toothpaste mixture is typically homogenized to ensure that it is uniform and free from lumps.


Tube or package the toothpaste: Once the toothpaste formulation is complete, it is typically filled into tubes or other packaging formats.

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