EC N200

EC N200

KimaCell® EC N200 ethyl cellulose is one of the most widely used water-insoluble cellulose derivatives. It has many uses in pharmaceuticals, such as: it can be used as Tablet binder, film coating material, can also be used as matrix material to prepare various types of matrix sustained-release tablets, used as mixed material film to prepare coated sustained-release preparations, sustained-release pellets, used as encapsulation auxiliary materials Sustained-release microcapsules are also widely used as carrier materials for the preparation of solid dispersions.

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EC N200

Specification of EC N200

Chemical name

Ethyl Cellulose


Ethylcellulose, EC, Cellulose ether, Cellulose ethyl ether, ethyl ether of cellulose

CAS number




Product Grade

EC N200


Organic Soluble Cellulose ether

Physical form

White to off-white cellulose powder

Physical form

White powder or granule with odorless and tasteless.


47.5% - 49.5%


3.0% max



Residue on ignition

0.40% max

Heavy metal

20ppm max

HS code


Application of EC N200

KimaCell® EC N200 ethyl cellulose can be used in matrix sustained release, tablet sustained and controlled release coating formulations

  • Matrix sustained release tablet

    Insoluble Matrix Sustained-release Tablets Tablets made of water-insoluble or minimally water-soluble polymers or non-toxic plastics. Its drug release is mainly divided into three steps: digestive juice penetrates into the skeleton pores, drug dissolution and drug release from the skeleton pores. EC is one of the commonly used insoluble framework materials. Since the release of fat-soluble drugs from the matrix is too slow, only water-soluble drugs are suitable for the preparation of this matrix tablet. Tablets after granulation.

  • Sustained and controlled release coating formulations

    EC is a slow and controlled release coating material widely used at present. In the early stage, the organic solution coating method of EC was mainly used. At present, the water dispersion coating technology is relatively mature.

  • Control release solid dispersion

    In recent years, people have used water-insoluble polymers, enteric materials, lipid materials, etc. as carriers to prepare sustained-release solid dispersions, so that the research on solid dispersions has entered a new stage of development. EC solid dispersion is usually prepared by solvent evaporation method, which dissolves or disperses the drug and EC in an organic solvent such as ethanol, evaporates the solvent, and then dries the residue.

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EC N200