Powder Paints

Powder Paints

Powder paints are obtained by mixing redispersible polymer powder as film-forming base material, mixing with pigments, fillers and powder auxiliaries, adding water and stirring to use. The redispersible polymer powder is the core component of the dry powder coating, which is obtained by drying the polymer emulsion. When redispersed in water, the performance is similar to the original emulsion.

Powder paints are home improvement material. It refers to the combination of inorganic and organic cement-based modern new building decoration materials. It is prepared by using cement as inorganic cementing material, redispersible polymer powder as film-forming aid, and composite inorganic filler and pigment.

Powder paints are dry paint formulations prepared by mixing them with water shortly before application. They are used for interior and exterior applications.Powder coatings offer many environmental and economic advantages, such as solvent and preservative free, low weight and packaging volume, low packaging cost, and frost stability during storage.

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