EC N100

EC N100

KimaCell® EC N100 ethyl cellulose is the ethyl ether of cellulose. It is odorless and has good fluidity. It is a white or light brown powder. 1 Soluble in organic solvents or their mixtures, but insoluble in glycerin, polyethylene glycol and water. 1 is widely used in oral and external preparations, and in oral preparations 1 is mainly used as a hydrophobic coating material for tablets and granules. In external preparations, a suitable solvent can be used as a thickener in ointments, lotions or gels. Generally considered non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.

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EC N100

Specification of EC N100

Chemical name

Ethyl Cellulose


Ethylcellulose, EC, Cellulose ether, Cellulose ethyl ether, ethyl ether of cellulose

CAS number




Product Grade

EC N100


Organic Soluble Cellulose ether

Physical form

White to off-white cellulose powder

Physical form

White powder or granule with odorless and tasteless.


47.5% - 49.5%


3.0% max



Residue on ignition

0.40% max

Heavy metal

20ppm max

HS code


Application of EC N100

KimaCell® EC N100 ethyl cellulose can be used in Low-temperature curing conductive silver paste which is the key functional material for preparing various electronic components. Silver and ethyl cellulose are used as conductive fillers, and the mass ratio of ethyl cellulose/silver nitrate is 2:1, 1:1, 1:1, respectively. 2 and 1:3, the short rod-shaped conductive silver paste was prepared.

Silver nitrate is reduced to zero-valent silver by redox method, and silver ions are reduced and wrapped around ethyl cellulose in one step to prepare short rod-shaped silver wires. The whole process introduces less impurities and is easy to operate. Silver particles surround ethyl cellulose The amount of silver used is greatly reduced, and secondly, ethyl cellulose can be used as a thickener after dissolution to increase the viscosity of the silver paste. The obtained conductive silver paste is coated on paper to obtain electronic paper, and its performance is characterized; Select the conductive silver paste with excellent performance in the above ratio, mix it with ink according to different ratios, coat the paper to obtain electronic paper, and characterize its conductivity.

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EC N100