Kima has own Research & Development laboratory for product research and develop, we perform customize procedure from designing of raw materials till the end of the production process. We work with a limited number of key raw material suppliers. We check every batch of raw materials and testing different ingredients to insure stable and consistent quality of our products.

Cellulose Ether Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support has become a part of service and an important part of Kima company's corporate image. We pay much attention on the technical support on cellulose ether questions.

Our Technical team is 20 Years experiance in Cellulose Ethers industry. And also be Familiar with construction additives, paint additives,excipients etc.

Kima established own technical center to help customers on product analysis, new development of formulation or cellulose ether products, formulation optimizing etc.we have found and application lab About 500 square meter large and Equipped with instruments for physical and chemical test of cellulose ether products, for application test of drymix mortar products and paint, personal care products.

Our Technical support is not only for the purpose of solving technical problems, but more importantly, it is to establish the image of the enterprise in the hearts of customers, so that people will remember the image of the Kima enterprise, further remember the KimaCell brand of the cellulose ether products used, and finally achieve service and brand the perfect combination.

Cellulose Ether After-sale Service

After-sale Service

Kima always adheres to market-oriented, customer-serving as its purpose, and wins praise from customers with satisfactory products and high-quality services. The company always adheres to the concept of "customer is God, service is honest", and promises to be "responsible for the products sold to the end". The company has established an after-sales service team with more than 30 people. Respond within 12 hours, arrive at the scene within 24~48 hours, solve the urgent needs of users in time, and ensure the effective use of products. One is to establish a return visit system. The manager of the sales department goes deep into the customer site to visit and find out and solve the problems in the process of product storage and use in a timely manner. The second is to establish a linkage work system. For the product quality and service problems raised by users, coordinate the relevant scientific research, production, quality inspection, and transportation departments to hold joint meetings in a timely manner, and use the shortest possible time to come up with specific solutions and measures to solve the problems. The third is to hold regular forums. Hold an after-sales work symposium every Monday to provide timely feedback, improve service quality, and solve various problems raised by users in a timely manner.

Relying on the trust and needs of our customers, Kima company has also established a number of sales and service branches across the country so far in order to provide customers with more timely and convenient services. In today's market situation full of business opportunities and fierce competition, all my colleagues in the company are willing to work together with you.

Cellulose Ether Shipping Info

Shipping Info

1. Construction Cellulose ethers

20’FCL load 12 tons with pallets, 14 tons without pallets

40’FCL load 24 tons with pallets, 28 tons without pallets

2. Pharma & food HPMC/MC

20’FCL load 9 tons with pallets,10 tons without pallets.

40’FCL load 18 tons with pallets, 20 tons without pallets

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