HPS 901

HPS 901

KimaCell® HPS 901 Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether has good water solubility, rheology and adhesive properties. Hydroxypropyl starch ether is non-ionic, less affected by electrolytes, can be used in a wide range of acid-base pH, and has excellent biodegradability. Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether is the fastest growing industry in the starch ether application industry. With the development of world's construction and building materials industry, especially the development of building energy-saving insulation, external wall insulation has become a national mandatory standard. Mixed mortar is inseparable from starch ether, which is used as a performance improver for cellulose ether products. In addition, hydroxypropyl starch ether can also be used as adhesive, suspending agent and thickener in papermaking, textile, oil drilling, daily chemical industry and other industries.

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HPS 901

Specification of HPS 901

Chemical name

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether


Starch, 2-hydroxypropyl ether, Hydroxypropyl Starch, Starch Ether

CAS number




Product Grade

HPS 901


Water Soluble Starch ether


White powder

Solid content


Viscosity mPa.s (NDJ, 5% aqueous solution 20℃)


pH value


Hydroxypropyl content(%)




Application of HPS 901

KimaCell® HPS 901 Hydroxypropyl starch ether can be used as an admixture for cement-based products and gypsum-based products. It has good compatibility with other building admixtures, and when used in conjunction with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ether, it can thicken, promote internal structure, have better crack resistance, and improve workability. The addition of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can be significantly reduced by adding starch ether.

  • Construction industry: Hydroxypropyl starch ether has a wide range of uses in the building materials industry and is used in a large amount. It can be used as a retarder, water retention agent, thickener and binder. In ordinary dry-mixed mortar, high-efficiency external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, dry powder plastering adhesive, tile bonding dry powder mortar, high-performance building putty, crack-resistant interior and exterior wall putty, waterproof dry-mixed mortar, gypsum plaster, scraping filler Hydroxypropyl starch ether plays an important role in materials such as adhesives and thin-layer joints, and has an important impact on the water retention, firmness, retardation and construction of the plaster system.

  • Paper industry: Hydroxypropyl starch ether as an additive or stirring and sizing can promote the chemical hydration of fibers, and better hydration can improve the dry base strength. Highly substituted hydroxypropyl starch ethers can be applied to paper sizing using common equipment, such as pulp filter presses, matte machines, and non-mechanical layers. Due to the reduced penetration of the wax plate, the wax consumption is reduced when coating, and the consumption of printing ink is also reduced, the surface gloss is improved, the paper is smooth, and the oil resistance is improved.

  • Textile industry: Hydroxypropyl starch ether is an effective sizing agent. It is used for fabric sizing in the washing process, which has the characteristics of easy desizing. Only a small amount of wastewater is produced after desizing, so the BOD is low, and it can be used as a relatively long-lasting treatment in fabric production. The fabric is pre-soaked in ether, and then treated with ether and heat. It is an effective thickener in textile printing paste.

  • Ceramic industry: Hydroxypropyl starch ether can be used as a green binder for ceramic production.

  • Petroleum industry: Hydroxypropyl starch ether is used as a fluid loss agent and viscosity control agent for oil drilling fluids. Hydroxypropyl starch ethers, because of their anionic groups, combine the advantages of starch ethers' affinity for clay.

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HPS 901