HPMC is a water-soluble methyl cellulose ether that is derived from cellulose, and it can be added to detergent formulations as a powder or a liquid. Some common uses of HPMC in detergents include:

  • Thickener: HPMC can be used as a thickener to increase the viscosity and stability of detergent formulations, which improves their performance and helps to prevent settling and separation.

  • Stabilizer: HPMC can help to stabilize the active ingredients in detergents, which improves their shelf life and overall performance.

  • Film-former: HPMC can form a thin film on surfaces, which helps to improve the adherence of the detergent to the surface and increases the cleaning efficiency.

  • Dispersant: HPMC can help to disperse and suspend solid particles in detergent formulations, which improves their flow properties and prevents caking.

  • Water retention: HPMC can help to retain water in the detergent formulation, which improves the stability of the product and its performance.

Types of HPMC for Detergent

Types of HPMC for Detergent

How To Use HPMC for Detergent?

How To Use HPMC for Detergent?

Here is a general method for using HPMC into a detergent formulation:


Determine the appropriate amount of HPMC to add to the formulation based on the desired level of thickening and binding. The recommended dosage varies depending on the specific detergent formulation, so it's important to consult with a detergent formulator or supplier to determine the appropriate amount.


Add the HPMC to a small amount of water (approximately 10% of the total volume of the formulation) and mix well. The HPMC should be slowly sprinkled into the water while mixing to prevent clumping. Heat the mixture to approximately 70°C and stir until the HPMC is fully dissolved. The mixture may become quite thick during this process.


Add the HPMC solution to the main detergent formulation and mix well. The mixture may need to be further heated or agitated to ensure that the HPMC is fully dispersed and mixed with the other ingredients.


Continue to mix the detergent formulation until the desired consistency is achieved.

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