Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Cellulose Ether Quality Control
Quality Control

Kima has its own product research and development laboratory, and we carry out customized procedures from raw material design to the end of the production process. We work with a limited number of key raw material suppliers. We inspect each batch of raw materials and test different ingredients to ensure the consistent quality of our products.

Kima not only provides products, but also provides technical support.

Kima has established its own technical center to help customers with product analysis, new development of formula or product, formula optimization, etc. About 500 square meters. Equipped with product physical and chemical testing equipment, it can carry out application testing of dry-mixed mortar products, coatings, and home care products.

Kima Chemical have established the cellulose ethers technology technology research center wth Beijing InstItute of Technology,focus On cellulose ether research.

Cellulose Ether Brand
Our Brand

KimaCell® is a unique trademark of the cellulose ether from Kima company.

KimaCell®Cellulose ether is used as a key additive for drymix, tile adhesives, plasters, renders, latex-based-systems, paint, pharmaceutical, food ingredient applications and so on.

Main properties of KimaCell® are thickening efficiency, water retention, and air entrainment which enhance certain performances in various applications.

Cellulose Ether Factory
Nomenclature of HPMC for Building

HPMC MP100M S ( example )

MP: KimaCell HPMC

100M: NDJ 100,000 cps

S: surface treatment

Cellulose Ether Factory
Nomenclature of HPMC for E464 & USP

HPMC E5 FG( example )

E: KimaCell HPMC

5: Brookfield viscosity

FG: Food grade

Cellulose Ether Factory
Nomenclature of MHEC Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

MHEC MH100M S ( example )

MH: KimaCell MHEC

100M: NDJ 100,000 cps

S: surface treatment

hpmc manufacturer
Nomenclature of HEC Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

HEC HS1000000(B) ( example )

H: KimaCell HEC

S: Surface treatment

100000: Hoppler 100,000 cps

B: Biostable

Cellulose Ether Supplier
Social Responsibility

As one of the top cellulose ether suppliers in China, Kima company take our social responsibility to feedback community.

During the earthquake in 2008, the Colleagues of Kima company donated to the disaster areas.

Our company has the Donation Day on a regular basis every year, all of the day's turnover to be donated to the local charities.

Cellulose Ether Supplier
Funding for Students

Our company has subsidized more than 20 students in Shandong Technology University through our scholarships projects.

We organize the activity to help donation to help children in poor area go to school.

In Covid-19, the cellulose ether factory donate to help the city control the corona virus.

Cellulose Ether Supplier
Customer Support

At KIMA, we are a group of talented professionals dedicated to improving customer-supplier relationships through collaborative development of supply chain solutions that allow us to better serve our customers' needs. We have created a Standard Business Services Guide to let you know about our standard services.

We can provide services beyond the standard cellulose ether products with favorable cellulose ether price. Depending on the service, additional charges may apply for non-standard services. If you would like to learn more about our supply chain solutions for your specific needs, please contact your customer service representative.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer

Sustainability refers to a process or state that can be maintained for a long time. The sustainability of human society consists of three interrelated and indivisible parts: ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability.

Sustainability is a balance between environment, equity and economy. Sustainable practices support ecological, human and economic health and vitality. Sustainability assumes that resources are finite and should be used carefully and wisely based on the long-term priorities and consequences of how they are used. In short, sustainability is about our children and grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Development Is A Human Right

Sustainable development emphasizes development, which is the common and universal right of human beings. Both developed countries and developing countries should enjoy an equal and inalienable right to development. For developing countries, development is more important. Facts show that developing countries are experiencing dual pressures from poverty and ecological deterioration. Poverty leads to ecological deterioration, and ecological deterioration exacerbates poverty. Therefore, sustainable development is the first priority for developing countries. Only development can solve the disparity between rich and poor, population surge and ecological crisis, provide necessary technology and funds, and finally move toward modernization and civilization.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Are Closely Linked

Sustainable development takes environmental construction as an important part of development, because environmental construction can not only create many direct or indirect economic benefits for development, but also escort development and provide suitable environment and resources for development; sustainable development Take environmental protection as one of the objective criteria to measure the quality, level and degree of development, because modern development and reality rely more and more on the support of the environment and resources. Before people fully understand sustainable development, they follow the traditional development and the environment The environment and resources are declining sharply, and the support that can be provided for development is becoming more and more limited. The more rapid the development, the more important the environment and resources are; environmental protection can ensure the realization of the ultimate goal of sustainable development, because modern development is no longer just to meet In addition to material and spiritual consumption, we will make unremitting efforts to build a comfortable, safe, clean and beautiful environment as an important goal to achieve.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Legitimate Environmental Rights

Sustainable development believes that in terms of environmental protection, everyone has legitimate environmental rights. Environmental rights and obligations are relative. It is a right to others and an obligation to oneself. People's environmental rights and obligations are equal and unified. This right should be respected and upheld by others.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Abandon The Traditional Way

Sustainable development requires people to abandon traditional production and consumption methods. It is to promptly and resolutely change the traditional development model—that is, first reduce and then eliminate the production and consumption modes that cannot sustain development. On the one hand, it requires people to input as little as possible and produce more in production; on the other hand, it requires people to use as much as possible and reduce emissions in consumption. Therefore, Kima Chemical must correct the past wrong practice of simply increasing input and consumption to achieve development and sacrificing the environment to increase output, so that development is less dependent on limited resources and more organically coordinated with the capacity of the environment .

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Speed Up New Technologies For Environmental Protection

Sustainable development requires accelerating the development and popularization of new technologies for environmental protection, solving environmental crises, and changing traditional production and consumption patterns. The fundamental way out lies in the development of science and technology. Only by using advanced technology in large quantities can the energy consumption and material consumption per unit of production be greatly reduced, and the development model of less input and more output can be realized, the dependence on resources and energy can be reduced, and the environmental pollution load can be reduced.

Cellulose Ether Manufacturer
Raise People's Environmental Awareness in General

Sustainable development also requires a general increase in people's environmental awareness. The premise of implementing sustainable development is that people must change their traditional attitudes towards nature—that is, starting from the utilitarian point of view, it is for my own use, and as long as it is needed by human beings, it can be developed and used at will. Instead, we should establish a brand-new concept of modern civilization, that is, re-adjust the relationship between man and nature with an ecological point of view, and treat human beings only as ordinary members of the big family of nature, so as to truly establish a brand-new harmonious coexistence between man and nature. It is not enough to rely solely on individuals or a few people, but to make it a conscious behavior of the public. Therefore, it is necessary to make environmental education suitable for sustainable development.

Sustainability is a common problem faced by all human beings, and it determines our future life. Only a common sense of protection and action by all human beings will make our future less dire.

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