KimaCell® PAC R is cost effective. Polyanionic Cellulose is white or slightly yellow powder, non-toxic, tasteless, it can be dissolved in water. PAC is a kind of High-quality, low-molecular-weight, low-viscosity cellulose polymer, high-viscosity PAC is a high-quality, high-molecular-weight, high-viscosity cellulose polymer. The mud fluid prepared with this product has good dehydration reduction, inhibition and high temperature resistance. Widely used in oil drilling, especially salt water wells and offshore oil drilling.

Drilling fluid and completion fluid technology is an important part of petroleum drilling engineering, and it plays a key role in ensuring safe, high-quality and fast drilling. As a kind of treatment agent used to adjust the performance of drilling fluid and completion fluid, the main function of cellulose derivatives is to reduce fluid loss and increase viscosity.

It is generally believed that the filtration loss reduction mechanism of polyanionic cellulose is mainly: to improve the coalescence stability of the system by forming an adsorption solvation layer on the surface of clay particles in drilling fluid; to prevent the clay fine particles from becoming larger by protecting the clay fine particles; Reduce the permeability of the mud cake by increasing the viscosity of the filtrate and blocking the pores.

Polyanionic cellulose is easily dispersed in all water-based drilling fluids, from fresh water to saturated brine drilling fluids. In low solids and solids-free drilling fluids, it can significantly reduce the fluid loss and thin the mud cake, and has a strong inhibitory effect on shale hydration.

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Specification of PAC R

Chemical name

Polyanionic Cellulose


Poly anionic cellulose, PAC

CAS number




Product Grade



Water Soluble Cellulose ether

Physical form

White to off-white cellulose powder

Moisture Content

Max. 10%

PH of 1% Solution

6.0 – 9.0


Soluble in fresh water

Filtrate Volume in fresh water base mud slurry

8.00 CC max

Filtrate Volume in Salt Water Base Mud Slurry

26.00 CC max

Thermal stability

>150  Deg C (300 º F)

HS code


Application of PAC R

KimaCell® PAC R is regular grade Polyanionic Cellulose can be widely used in oil drilling applications.

Application of PAC in drilling fluid

PAC is ideal as an inhibitor and fluid loss reducer. The mud fluid prepared by PAC can inhibit the dispersion and expansion of clay and shale in high-salt medium, so that the wellbore contamination can be controlled. Compared with CMC, PAC has better reaction uniformity, higher degree of substitution, better transparency, excellent salt resistance and heat resistance.

Application of PAC in workover fluid

  • The workover fluid prepared with PAC is low in solid phase, which will not block the permeability of the production layer due to solids, and will not damage the production layer; and has low water loss, which reduces the amount of water entering the production layer, while the water entering Water towns can occur due to emulsion clogging.

  • The workover fluid prepared with PAC provides advantages that other workover fluids do not have; 

  • Protect production floors from permanent damage;

  • It has the ability to carry clean boreholes, and the workload of maintaining boreholes is reduced;

  • It has the ability to resist the infiltration of water and sediment, and rarely foams;

  • It can be stored or transferred between wells, and the cost is lower than that of ordinary mud workover fluids;

The role of PAC in fracturing fluid

The fracturing fluid prepared with PAC can tolerate 2% KCL solution (must be added when preparing fracturing fluid) and has good solubility. It is easy to use, can be prepared on site, and has fast gelation speed and strong sand-carrying ability. When used in formations with low permeability, its fracturing effect is more excellent.

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