MC A15

MC A15

KimaCell®MC A15 Methyl cellulose is white or off-white in appearance, odorless and tasteless, slightly hygroscopic, soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is viscous. The viscosity drops when heated, and it will suddenly gel, but it can return to a solution after cooling. Its aqueous solution is stable to acids and alkalis, and will not be affected within the range of PH 2-12. It can be dissolved in general light acids and alkalis to increase the viscosity of the solution, but has no other effects. Its aqueous solution is very stable and resistant to long-term storage. Enzyme growth. It has good adhesion, dispersibility, wettability, thickening, water retention and film-forming properties, as well as impermeability to oils and fats, and has good mixing properties with various water-soluble substances.

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MC A15

Specification of MC A15

MC A15

Methyl Cellulose (MC)

Physical Analysis


White to slightly off-white fibrous or granular powder.

Identification A to E




Solution appearance


Loss on drying

5.0% Max

Residue on ignition

1.5% Max


5.0 - 8.0

Apparent viscosity, 2% solu, 20℃

12.0-18.0 cps

Particle size

Min. 98% pass through 100 mesh

Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal










Micro bacteria

Total plate count


Yeast and Mould


Coli form




Application of MC A15

KimaCell® MC A15 Methyl cellulose will swell into translucent viscous colloidal solution in water, and the pH value is neutral. Soluble in ethanol, ether, etc., it can be used as a suspending agent in refractory mud, which can prevent the solid refractory powder in the mud from settling, and can improve the spreadability and cohesive force of the mud. When producing high-purity refractory products, methyl cellulose aqueous solution is used as a binder to improve the molding performance of the mud and the strength of the embryo body after drying.

Typical Applications:

  • Special chemical products: In industrial production and processing operations, it can be used as thickener, suspending agent, binder, film forming agent and latex stabilizer.

  • Polyvinyl chloride resin: as a dispersant for suspension polymerization, it is used to protect the colloid, increase the rate of plasticizer absorption, control the particle size distribution of the resin, and improve the processing performance of polyvinyl chloride resin.

  • Building materials: Make cement, mortar, mortar and gypsum decorative materials have the performance of setting and water retention, and improve workability. It is applied to new building material coatings and colorful coatings, with strong adsorption and dispersion.

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MC A15