In PVC, HPMC is typically used as a dispersant, thickener, or binder.

  • As a dispersant, HPMC helps to disperse the PVC resin particles in the solvent, resulting in a more homogeneous mixture. This can improve the quality and consistency of the PVC products.

  • As a thickener, HPMC can increase the viscosity of the PVC resin solution, making it easier to control the flow and improve the properties of the final product.

  • As a binder, HPMC can improve the adhesion between the PVC and other substrates, such as wood, metal, or concrete. This can be particularly useful in construction and other applications where PVC is used as a coating or adhesive.

Types of HPMC for PVC

Types of HPMC for PVC

How To Use HPMC for PVC?

How To Use HPMC for PVC?

Here are some general guidelines for using HPMC in PVC:


Determine the appropriate dosage: The amount of HPMC needed for a particular PVC application will depend on the specific requirements of the product. Typically, the dosage ranges from 0.1% to 2% of the total weight of the PVC resin.


Dissolve HPMC in water: HPMC is typically supplied as a dry powder, and it must be dissolved in water before it can be added to the PVC resin. The powder should be slowly added to water while stirring to prevent clumping, and then allowed to hydrate for several hours or overnight before use.


Add HPMC to PVC resin: Once the HPMC is fully hydrated, it can be added to the PVC resin solution. It is important to mix the HPMC solution thoroughly with the PVC resin to ensure even distribution and proper dispersion.


Adjust processing parameters: Depending on the specific application, the addition of HPMC may require adjustments to the processing parameters, such as temperature, mixing speed, or curing time.


Test the final product: Before using the PVC product in the intended application, it is important to test its properties and performance to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.

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