Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Body lotions are mainly used for after-bath skin care to impart a soft, fresh and silky feel to the skin, hydrate, fragrance and nourish the skin. Using body lotion can moisturize the skin, replenish the skin with the required moisture and nutrients, prevent the skin from being dry and dehydrated, and can also form a protective film on the skin surface to slow down the loss of skin moisture. Body lotion has been subdivided into many different types and functions, such as body moisturizing, body smoothing, whitening, chicken skin removal, after-sun repair, body fragrance and other functions. When using the body lotion, you can cooperate with the corresponding massage techniques to better nourish the skin. After applying the body lotion to the body, you can open your palms and massage all parts of the body in circular motions to promote better skin. absorb nutrients. Body lotion is not only needed in winter. If you want your body to be soft, smooth and fair, you should apply body lotion to your body all year round. If the weather is cold in winter, you can skip the massage steps to prevent catching a cold. In order to make the body's skin soft and tender, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, and add moisture to the skin. Most lotions are oil-in-water emulsions.

In Body lotions, KimaCell® cellulose ether with high viscosity are recommended, which provide the product the desired consistency and provide good stability, especially for products with pearlescent effects. Furthermore cellulose ether act as a film former and thus support the active ingredients.

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HEC HS100000

Viscosity: High

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