CMC FP2000

CMC FP2000

KimaCell® CMC FP2000 sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is a water-soluble polyanion compound obtained from natural fibers after chemical modification, and is easily soluble in cold and hot water. It has unusual and valuable comprehensive physical and chemical properties, such as emulsifying dispersant, solid dispersibility, non perishable, harmless in physiology, etc. It is a widely used natural polymer derivative. The superior properties of CMC, such as thickening, water retention, metabolic inertia, film-forming, dispersion stability, can be used as thickening agent, water retention agent, adhesive, lubricant, emulsifier, suspension aid, tablet matrix, biological matrix and carrier of biological products.

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CMC FP2000

Specification of CMC FP2000

Chemical nameSodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
SynonymCellulose gum, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, derivative of cellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt, Na CMC, Sodium cellulose glycolate, Sodium CMC
CAS number9004-32-4
Product GradeCMC FP2000
SolubilityWater Soluble Cellulose ether
Physical formWhite to off-white cellulose powder
AppearanceWhite to creamy, free flow odorless powder
PH6.5- 8.5
Viscosity ( 1%, Brookfield, 25℃)1500-2500 cps
Degree of Substitution0.75-0.90
Purity (dry basis)Min97%
Loss on drying (moisture)Max. 8.0%
Particle sizeMin.99.0% pass through 100 mesh
HS code39123100

Application of CMC FP2000

KimaCell® CMC FP2000 sodium carboxymethyl cellulose can be used as anti settling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, leveling agent and adhesive of coatings, which can make the solid parts of coatings evenly distributed in the solvent, so that the coatings will not delaminate for a long time, and it is also widely used in paints. In building materials industry, CMC is used as retarder, insurance agent, thickener and adhesive. After adding CMC, the coating has good flexibility, air tightness and water resistance. When the cellulose ether thickener is added to the latex paint, it absorbs a lot of water, which greatly expands its own volume, reducing the free space for the pigments, fillers and latex particles. At the same time, the cellulose ether molecular chains intertwine to form a three-dimensional network structure, and the pigments, fillers and latex particles are enclosed in the middle of the mesh and cannot flow freely. Under these two effects, the viscosity of the system is improved. The thickening effect we need is achieved.

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CMC FP2000