EC N22

EC N22

KimaCell® EC N22 ethyl cellulose also known as ethyl cellulose ether, or EC for short, is a non-ionic cellulose ether in the form of white or light gray powder, non-toxic and tasteless. Ethyl cellulose has the characteristics of non-combustibility, hygroscopicity, low temperature resistance, good flexibility, good thermal stability, alkali resistance, weak acid resistance, salt resistance, strong biological resistance, and good dielectric properties.

Ethyl cellulose is prepared from wood pulp and cotton linters, which are alkalized with sodium hydroxide to produce alkali cellulose, then etherified with ethyl chloride, and finally washed and dried. During the preparation process of ethyl cellulose, the degree of etherification directly affects its physical and chemical properties. For example, if the degree of etherification is high, its hygroscopicity will decrease, its solubility in alkali will decrease, and its solubility in organic solvent will increase. In addition, its thermal Stability and mechanical properties will also change. Manufacturers need to reasonably control the degree of etherification to ensure the quality of ethyl cellulose products, and can also produce products with different characteristics according to the downstream market demand.

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EC N22

Specification of EC N22

Chemical name

Ethyl Cellulose


Ethylcellulose, EC, Cellulose ether, Cellulose ethyl ether, ethyl ether of cellulose

CAS number




Product Grade

EC N22


Organic Soluble Cellulose ether

Physical form

White to off-white cellulose powder

Physical form

White powder or granule with odorless and tasteless.


47.5% - 49.5%


3.0% max



Residue on ignition

0.40% max

Heavy metal

20ppm max

HS code


Application of EC N22

KimaCell® EC N22 ethyl cellulose is mainly used as tablet film coating, tablet binder, pharmaceutical sustained-release agent, pharmaceutical moisture-proof agent, skeleton, etc. Material blockers, etc. Compared with industrial grade ethyl cellulose, pharmaceutical grade ethyl cellulose has higher technical content, higher product added value, and relatively higher production technical barriers.

Industrial grade ethyl cellulose is used in a wide range of fields. It can be used to produce adhesives, fillers, lubricating Agents, toughening agents, preservatives, film-forming agents, dispersants, insulating materials and other products, used in the manufacture of coatings, inks, adhesives, pigments, plastics, rubber, electronic paste and other products, used in PCB, electronics, wire and cable, papermaking, printing, textile, metallurgy, glass, ceramics, construction and other industries.

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EC N22