CMC TP1000

CMC TP1000

KimaCell® CMC TP1000 sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is a natural product of toothpaste thickener. Cellulose itself is insoluble in water and is converted into water-soluble molecules through chemical reactions. CMC is naturally harmless and does not pollute the environment, making it constantly favored by new users and new application fields. All forms and grades of CMC are naturally biodegradable. Medium and medium-high viscosity grades of cellulose are commonly used toothpaste thickeners. Even at low concentrations, these products remain highly adhesive. Cellulose is easily soluble to form the required viscosity, odorless and tasteless, forming a smooth gel-like structure, compatible with other adhesives, and can produce excellent body feeling and taste.

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CMC TP1000

Specification of CMC TP1000

Chemical nameSodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
SynonymCellulose gum, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, derivative of cellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt, Na CMC, Sodium cellulose glycolate, Sodium CMC
CAS number9004-32-4
Product GradeCMC TP1000
SolubilityWater Soluble Cellulose ether
Physical formWhite to off-white cellulose powder
AppearanceWhite to creamy, free flow odorless powder
PH6.5- 8.5
Viscosity ( 1%, Brookfield, 25℃)500-1500 cps
Degree of Substitution≥0.95
Purity (dry basis)Min. 99.5%
Loss on drying (moisture)Max. 8.0%
Particle sizeMin.98.0% pass through 100 mesh
HS code39123100

Application of CMC TP1000

KimaCell® CMC TP1000 sodium carboxymethyl celluloseIt has a suitable viscosity and provides good skeleton support for the paste. Good thixotropy, easy to stir and pump when producing paste. Good water solubility, easy to mix with other components when making paste, and the finished paste has good fluidity when extruded. Good compatibility, excellent salt resistance, stable paste structure within the shelf life, and prevent degradation. Ionic toothpaste thickener high-purity CMC (implementing the QB/T 2318-2012 standard of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for toothpaste for oral care products)

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CMC TP1000