KimaCell® HEMC MH15M hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose can significantly affect the cement hydration process and microstructure formation. With the increasing application of polymer modified cement mortar and the prolongation of service time, the effect of cellulose ether on the durability of cement mortar has attracted more and more attention. Cellulose ether can cause dryness of cement mortar.

The shrinkage rate and expansion rate in humid environment are significantly increased. And significantly improve the chloride ion erosion resistance of cement mortar. Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose has a significant effect on the early carbonation resistance of cement mortar. Higher content will delay the early carbonation of cement mortar, reduce carbonation shrinkage and carbonation depth. The change of curing temperature and the content of cellulose ether will significantly affect the bonded tensile strength of cement mortar; The bond tensile strength will be significantly improved after the second freeze-thaw cycle.

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Specification of HEMC MH15M

Chemical nameHydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose
SynonymCellulose ether, 2-hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose, Cellulose, 2-hydroxyethyl methyl ether, Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, HEMC, MHEC
CAS number9032-42-2
Product GradeHEMC MH15M
SolubilityWater Soluble Cellulose ether
Physical formWhite to off-white cellulose powder
Viscosity Brookfield 2% solution12000-18000mPa.s
Viscosity NDJ 2% solution12000-18000mPa.s
Ash contentMax5.0%
Mesh size99% pass 100mesh
HS code39123900

Application of HEMC MH15M

KimaCell® HEMC MH15M Cellulose ether are suitable for Air-entrained concrete, it is a new lightweight wall material with good physical and mechanical properties and thermal performance, light weight, heat preservation and energy saving. But the plaster on the air-entrained concrete wall is very easy to crack and hollow, which greatly affects the further development of air-entrained concrete products. The reason why air-entrained concrete plastering mortar is easy to crack and hollow is because of its high water absorption rate. Powder, low strength, not easy to bond with mortar. Aiming at the defects of poor water retention, low bonding strength, and easy cracking and hollowing in ordinary air-entrained concrete plastering mortar, hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose ether and polyethylene-vinyl acetate redispersible latex powder are mixed into the mortar at the same time The powder greatly improves the water retention of the mortar, improves the workability and bonding strength, and better solves the problems of cracking, hollowing and even falling off of ordinary plastering mortar used in aerated concrete.

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