Hydroxypropyl starch

Hydroxypropyl starch

Hydroxypropyl starch

Hydroxypropyl starch is a white or off-white powder with no special smell. Insoluble in cold water, it can be gelatinized into a viscous colloid with a certain degree of transparency under heating conditions and has good stability.


Basic Information

Chinese name: Hydroxypropyl starch

Chinese alias: 2-hydroxypropyl starch; modified starch;

English name: Hydroxypropyl starch

English alias: starch hydroxypropylation; starch 2-hydroxypropyl ether; modified starch; 2-hydroxypropyl starch; hydroxypropane;




Molecular formula: C3H8O2 x


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It is produced by reacting starch and propylene oxide under strong alkaline conditions.


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physical properties


chemical properties

Due to the characteristics of starch derivatives with hydroxypropyl substituents, the three glucose units constituting starch can be substituted by hydroxypropyl groups to obtain products with different degrees of substitution.


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1) Hydroxypropyl starch In the food industry, hydroxypropyl starch can be used as a thickener, hydroxypropyl starch can be used as a suspending agent, and hydroxypropyl starch can be used as an adhesive.


2) Hydroxypropyl starch paper industry: hydroxypropyl starch is used for internal sizing of paper, hydroxypropyl starch is used for surface sizing, hydroxypropyl starch makes printing ink bright, hydroxypropyl starch makes printing ink uniform, hydroxypropyl starch To make the film smooth, hydroxypropyl starch reduces ink consumption, and hydroxypropyl starch has a certain ability to pull hair.


3) Hydroxypropyl starch textile industry: hydroxypropyl starch can be used as warp sizing, hydroxypropyl starch can improve the wear resistance during weaving, hydroxypropyl starch and weaving efficiency, hydroxypropyl starch has a high degree of substitution of hydroxypropyl starch. Propyl starch-based starch can be used as printing paste.


4) Hydroxypropyl starch pharmaceutical industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as a disintegrating agent for tablets, and hydroxypropyl starch can also be used as a plasma filler.


5) Hydroxypropyl starch stabilizes the well wall, hydroxypropyl starch improves wellbore conditions, hydroxypropyl starch prevents collapse, and hydroxypropyl starch flocculates drill cuttings.


6) Hydroxypropyl starch daily chemical industry: Hydroxypropyl starch is used in the daily chemical industry. Hydroxypropyl starch is used as a binder, suspending agent and thickener in cosmetics or coatings.


7) Hydroxypropyl starch In addition, hydroxypropyl starch can also be used as an adhesive for building materials, a gelling agent for hydroxypropyl starch coatings or organic liquids, hydroxypropyl starch, etc.


8) Food industry: can be used as adhesive, thickener, and suspending agent to increase stability.


9) In building materials:


Various (cement, gypsum, lime-calcium based) interior and exterior wall putties.


Various plastering mortars and plastering mortars.


As a molding adhesive in various gypsum, ceramic, and porcelain products, it has low ash content and good viscosity.


It has good thickening and stability, and plays the role of suspending and emulsifying in aqueous solution.


Recommended dosage: 0.1%-0.3% (add 1.0-3.0 kg per ton)


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Provides very good rapid thickening ability; medium viscosity, high water retention;


The dosage is small and extremely low filling volume can achieve high efficiency;


Can be used together with methylcellulose (MC) or hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) to reduce the usage of cellulose ether;


Improve the overall anti-sag ability of the material so that the material does not flow (slip) when applying or pasting other materials;


It has good lubricity, which can improve the operating performance of the material and make the operation smoother.

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