Food Additive Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Food Additive Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Food Additive Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

As One of the Commonly Used Food Additives, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Food Has the Following Applications:

1. Application in liquid beverage

1.1 Used in fruit tea, fruit beverages, vegetable juices, etc., to make pulp, various solids or other substances suspended in the container, uniform and plump, bright and eye-catching, and improve the taste;

1.2 Used in neutral flavored milk drinks such as cocoa milk to increase the viscosity of cocoa milk and prevent the precipitation of cocoa powder;

1.3 Maintain the stability of beverages and extend the shelf life of beverages.

2. Applied in jelly, milk jelly, jam and other foods

2.1 Appropriate thixotropy;

2.2 It plays an important role in the gelling system.

3. Application in yogurt products

3.1 Increase the viscosity of yogurt, improve texture, state, taste, and stabilize the system;

3.2 Prevent whey precipitation during the shelf life and improve the structure of yogurt;

3.3 Strong anti-sedimentation effect, good thermal stability and acid resistance.

4. Application in brown lactic acid bacteria beverage

4.1 Reduce the centrifugal sedimentation rate of the product;

4.2 Reduce whey separation;

4.3 Maintain system stability and extend shelf life.

5. Application in ice cream

5.1 Increase the viscosity of the mixture to prevent the fat from floating;

5.2 Improve the uniformity of the system and reduce the formation of large ice crystals;

5.3 Enhance the melting resistance of ice cream and give it a delicate and smooth taste;

5.4 Reduce the use of solid raw materials and reduce production costs.

6. Application in wine products

6.1 Make the taste mellow and rich, with a lingering aftertaste;

6.2 It is used as a foam stabilizer in beer production to make the foam rich and long-lasting and improve the taste.

7. Application in instant noodles

7.1 It can prevent syneresis and increase bulking rate;

7.2 It is easy to control moisture, which can reduce water supply and oil content;

7.3 Make the product uniform and improve the structure;

7.4 Make the surface bright and smooth.

8. Application in bakery

8.1 Improve the internal organization, enhance the processing machinery and water absorption of the dough;

8.2 Make the honeycomb of baked bread and pastry uniform, increase in volume and brighten the surface;

8.3 Prevent aging and retrogradation of gelatinized starch and prolong the fresh-keeping period;

8.4 Adjust the gluten of the flour to prevent the bread and pastry from drying out and maintain the appearance shape.

9. Application in quick-frozen pasta snacks

9.1 Keep the product in its original state after being frozen several times;

9.2 Extend the shelf life.

10. Application in biscuits and pancakes

10.1 Improve flour texture and adjust flour gluten;

10.2 Make biscuits and pancakes well formed, smooth and clean, and reduce the breakage rate;

10.3 Prevent moisture from evaporating and aging, making biscuits and pancakes crispy and delicious.

11. Application in edible composite film

11.1 As the basic film-forming substance, the composite film has good mechanical strength, transparency, heat sealing, printing, gas barrier and water resistance, meeting the needs of different food packaging;

11.2 It has good moisture barrier performance and gas barrier performance;

11.3 Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

12. Application in seasoning

12.1 Adjust the viscosity, increase the solid content, make the tissue soft, delicate and lubricating;

12.2 It plays the role of emulsification stability, improves the quality organization, improves the color, aroma and taste of condiments, and prolongs the shelf life

13. Featured Products

13.1 Ultra-high viscosity products: used in the food industry with particularly high requirements for viscosity, such as meat preservation;

13.2 High transparency fiber-free product: This product has a low DS (≤0.90), clear and transparent aqueous solution appearance, and almost no free fiber filaments. It not only has the ability to maintain the flavor of products with low degree of substitution, but also has the stability and high transparent appearance of products with high degree of substitution. Used in beverages with special requirements for solution transparency and fiber content.

13.3 Granulated products: improve the manufacturing environment, reduce dust, and dissolve faster.

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